Calamaretti Fritti SICILY deep-fried squid
Calamari Ripieni in Brodo di Pesce ITALY stuffed squid in fish broth
Calentita / La Farinata de Ceci / L‘oro di Pisa / Panelle GIBRALTAR ITALY chickpea fritters
Callaloo IVORY COAST WEST INDIES callaoo leaf stew
Calzone con Verdure ITALY

Canederli al Tastasal ITALY bread, bacon, cheese and pork dumplings
Cantuccini ITALY almond biscuits
Cantuccini ITALY chocolate biscuits

Cappelletti in Brodo SAN MARINO ITALY small savoury parcels in beef broth
Capuns SWITZERLAND Swiss chard savoury dumpling parcels
Carbonnades Flamandes / Stoofvlees op Vlaamse Wijze BELGIUM NETHERLANDS

Carquiñolis / Carquinyolis ANDORRA CATALONIA SPAIN sweet almond biscuits
Cassoulet FRANCE country casserole
Castagnaccio / Baldino ITALY chestnut cake
Caws Pobi WALES cheese on toast aka Welsh rarebit
Cazzilli / Crocchè ITALY cheese and potato croquettes
Cervelas / Cervelat SWITZERLAND
bacon, beef, pork sausage
Ćevapčići SERBIA
beef rissoles
Cevizli Çörek TURKEY walnut pastries

Cevizli İncir Dolması / Syka Xerá me Karydia TURKEY figs stuffed with walnuts
Champignons avec de l’huile d’olive et l’ail FRANCE
mushrooms in olive oil
Champignons Farcis FRANCE stuffed mushrooms
Chantilly Cream FRANCE

Chaudrée FRANCE fish and potato soup
Chaudrée de la Côte d’Opale FRANCE shellfish chowder
Chaudrée Fourasine FRANCE cuttlefish and potato chowder
Chaudrée Saintongeaise FRANCE chowder of Saintonge
Chervonyy Borsch UKRAINE red stew
Chicken Jelly EUROPE
Chicken Tikka Masala BRITAIN spiced chicken in yoghurt
Chicons au Gratin BELGIUM
cheese and ham chicory wraps
Chocolate Whiskey Coffee IRELAND
apple, cheese, pear and potato pie
Chorba / Ciorba BALKANS RUSSIA TURKEY UKRAINE bean and vegetable soup
Chowder IRELAND fish and vegetable soup
Chräpfli / Chräpflini / Chüechli / Kräpfli / Küchlein AUSTRIA GERMANY SWITZERLAND carnival pastries
Ciabatta ITALY slipper bread
Ciabatta con Farina Natura ITALY slipper bread
Cinghiale Dolceforte ITALY meat in chocolate sauce
Clafoutis de Fromage aux Fruit FRANCE cake with cheese and fruit
Cocido Catalan SPAIN CENTRAL AMERICA SOUTH AMERICA chickpea, meat and vegetable casserole
Coddle IRELAND bacon, gammon, ham hock, onions, potatoes, sausages with kale
Colcannon IRELAND kale and potato mash
Çolpalı Plov AZERBAIJAN chicken rice
Coppa di Testa ITALY headcheese
Coquilles à la Provençale FRANCE Provence scallops
Cornsalad EUROPE
Coquilles Saint-Jacques au Sauce FRANCE scallops with sauce
Cordon Bleu SWITZERLAND breaded veal steak with cheese and ham
Cornish Pasty ENGLAND
Cotriade FRANCE fish, onion and potato soup
Cowboy Stew USA aromatic beef and bean stew
Cranberry Beetroot and Goose Pie FRANCE
Crescentina ITALY bacon bread
Croissants de Provence FRANCE
Croque-Madame FRANCE hot sandwich with cheese, ham and egg
Croque-Monsieur FRANCE hot sandwich with cheese and ham
Croquetas del Puchero SPAIN croquettes
Crostini di Polenta ITALY
Crostini Filanti alle Alici ITALY toasted cheese streamers with anchovies
Crostata di Viscioli di Sezze ITALY
Crozets de Savoie FRANCE aromatic pasta squares
Crozets de Sarrasin au Fromage FRANCE buckwheat pasta squares with cheese
Crumpets and Pikelets ENGLAND raised bread rounds
Cuchêla / Val Divedro Cuchêla ITALY bacon, pork ribs, potatoes, salami / sausages, seasonal vegetables, seasoned lard
Cūkgaļas Rulete LATVIA
Cullen Skink SCOTLAND smoked haddock and potato soup


Dalmatian Pašticada CROATIA MONTENEGRO sweet pot beef
Debessmanna LATVIA cranberry dessert
Ðevrek Pljeskavice CROATIA SERBIA doughnut {bagel} burgers
DDR Brötchen GERMANY small bread rolls
Dinkel, Einkorn, Roggenbrot mit Walnüssen und Gerstel Sauerteig SWITZERLAND spelt, einkorn, rye bread with walnuts and barley leaven
Diots FRANCE pork and bacon sausages
Diots avec Pommes de Terre et des Sarments de Vigne et vin Blanc FRANCE sausages with potatoes and vine shoots
Dodine de Canard FRANCE boned stuffed duck
Döppekooche GERMANY potato cake with bacon and onions
Dresdner Stollen GERMANY fruit bread
Duck Terrine EUROPE
Düğün Pilavi / Riz bi Dfeen TURKEY LEVANT rice and chickpeas and meat
Dum Biryani INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT EUROPE steamed rice with chicken / lamb / vegetable, fruit, nuts and spices