BOOK SERIES | Around the World in 80 Legendary Dishes


What makes a dish memorable does not always lead to culinary immortality. Some legends are created, others simply evolve and over time come to be seen as something special. Usually there is a theme. It might be raging controversy, which certainly applies to chicken tikka masala. Is it British or Indian?

Around the World in 80 Legendary Dishes – THE BOOKS!

It might be outrageous quality, which is the only reason why green salad is so popular, especially in France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland where the ingredients are always fresh and always tasty.

It might be quaint elusiveness, which is the case these days with headcheese. Once popular throughout Europe, now it is only the French and Italians who persist in the production of a meat product that is an acquired taste.

It might be culinary snobbery, which the famed Spanish omelette seems to garner from people who should know better. This is a dish that needs both quality ingredients and considerable experience. One of these days we will reveal the story behind Fricot photographer and writer Aynia Brennan’s excursion to Ibiza where she ‘found the secret to the perfect tortilla!’ Nevertheless there are those who will say that the best omelette in Europe is the seafood omelette served on the French Riviera!

It might be long history, which is something that definitely applies to spaghetti con colatura di alici, especially if it is made with Gragnano spaghetti. This famous pasta is a culinary marriage with the fish sauce they make on the Amalfi Coast.

It might be the rice dish from west Africa called jollof with its Caribbean influences and countless controversies.

It might be the barbequed beef of Argentina, a tradition shared with all the Latin countries.

It might be a clever story, a once apon a time fairy tale that sounds too good to be true, which is what most people think when they hear about gogel mogel.

Or it might be nothing less than longevity, and the fact that a particular dish is still popular and tasty. Here are a few to whet your appetite.

Recipes in Series


Äädäppelschlot GERMANY potato salad with bacon, cutlets, meatballs, sausages and fresh bread
Aloo Saag BRITAIN INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT spinach and potato curry
Al Sayadiyah صيادية ARABIA EGYPT LEVANT SYRIA fish with rice, onions, almonds, pine nuts and saffron

Banitsa BULGARIA cheese spiral pie
Bärlauchknödel AUSTRIA GERMANY wild garlic dumplings
Bobotie and Geelrys SOUTH AFRICA baked spiced meatloaf with yellow rice
Boerenkoolstamppot met Rookworst NETHERLANDS mashed kale and potatoes with smoked sausages
Boxty IRELAND potato dumplings
Bratkartoffeln mit Speck und Zwiebeln und Bratkartoffelgewürz GERMANY fried potatoes with bacon and onion and spice mixture
Bratwurst mit Alt-Art Zwiebelsauce und Rösti SWITZERLAND St Galler sausages with old-style onion sauce and potato cake

Caldo Verde PORTUGAL hot green soup
Callaloo IVORY COAST / WEST INDIES green stew
Calentita / La Farinata de Ceci / L‘oro di Pisa / Panelle GIBRALTAR ITALY SICILY chickpea fritters
Ceviche SOUTH AMERICA marinated raw fish
Chaudrée / Chowder FRANCE IRELAND NORTH AMERICA aromatic fish soup
Chervonyy Borsch UKRAINE red stew
Chilli con Carne / Cowboy Stew EUROPE / MEXICO / USA chilli with beef and beans
Colcannon IRELAND kale and potato mash
Cullen Skink SCOTLAND smoked haddock and potato soup

De Kapsalon BELGIUM NETHERLANDS the hairdresser – French fries with shoarma meat, melted gouda cheese, salad and sauce
Dolmades / Koupepia EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN rolled vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice

Ekşili Pilav TURKEY bulgur with greens and yoghurt

Farçon FRANCE puréed potatoes with fruit, eggs, herbs and spices
Fiskefars / Fiskefarse DENMARK ICELAND SWEDEN NORWAY fish fillet mince
Fyrstekake NORWAY prince cake with almonds
Ful Medames EGYPT fava beans with cumin, lemon juice, olive oil, onions and tahini

Gado Gado SINGAPORE steamed vegetable salad with a spicy peanut dressing
Gjel Deti me Përshesh ALBANIA turkey with corn bread
Gomen Wot የጎመን ወጥ ETHIOPIA spiced green stew
Grønlangkål med Skinke DENMARK kale with ham and caramelised potatoes

Halep Dolması TURKEY stuffed dried aubergines, Gaziantep style
Hobotnica Ispod Peke BALKANS slow-cooked octopus

Icli Köfte SYRIA LEVANT beef and bulgur meatballs
Imqarrun il-forn MALTA pasta, cheese and meat bake – old and new versions
Irish Stew IRELAND lamb, onion and potato stew

Jegulju na Orizu MONTENEGRO roasted eels on rice
Jollof WEST AFRICA spicy tomato rice with beef / lamb
Judd mat Gaardebounen LUXEMBOURG smoked pork collar with broad bean sauce

Kalamarákia Yemistá AEGEAN MEDITERRANEAN squid stuffed with rice
Kalbsrahmgulasch mit Sauerrahmspätzle LIECHTENSTEIN veal stew with sour cream dumplings
Khorovats / Mtsvadi / Shashlyk / Šašlykai Шашлык / Shish ARMENIA, GEORGIA, LITHUANIA, RUSSIA, UKRAINE skewered marinated lamb, beef or pork spit-roasted
Kilusalat ESTONIA sprat, potato and onion salad

Laksa Lemak MALAYSIA noodles in coconut soup
L’estocafic / E’stocafi FRANCE MONACO stockfish stew 
Lečo / Leczo / Lescó / Letscho AUSTRIA CZECHIA GERMANY HUNGARY POLAND SLOVAKIA SLOVENIA UKRAINE onion, paprika, red pepper, tomato sauce / stew

Mackerel and Potatoes IRELAND
Mămăliguţă cu brânză şi Smântână ROMANIA cornmeal, curd cheese, sour cream with bacon
Mani Plov مانی پلو
IRAN lentils, rice, fruit and meat with rice-yoghurt base
Merluza en Jamón Serrano SPAIN hake in ham
Mešano Meso SERBIA mixed grill
Moambé Chicken / Nyembwe Chicken ANGOLA CONGO GABON chicken stew

Nasi Goreng BALI INDONESIA breakfast rice

Oeufs à la Pipérade BASQUE COUNTRY PAYS BASQUE sweet peppers with eggs

Pečená Kachní Prsa CZECHIA roast duck breasts
Pel’meni Пельмени BELARUS MOLDOVA RUSSIA UKRAINE boiled / steamed stuffed dough
Pepper Soup NIGERIA spiced assorted meat soup
Poronkäristys FINLAND reindeer, potatoes and lingonberry sauce
Pyshki Piterskiye RUSSIA St Petersburg ‘donuts’

Quiche avec le Maquereau Fumé et la Bettes BELGIUM FRANCE custard pie with smoked mackerel and chard

Ræst lamb FAROE ISLANDS fermented lamb
Ribarski Brodet CROATIA prawns, squid, white fish stew with beans and lemon juice
Risotto alla Buranella / Risotto di Gò (ghiozzo di laguna) ITALY creamy rice in fish stock

Scampi IRELAND battered prawns
Speķa Pīrāgi LATVIA bread rolls stuffed with pork crackling / bacon
Steikt Ýsa í Raspi ICELAND pan-fried haddock
Štruklji Sirovi SLOVENIA savoury / sweet filled pastries
Svinina s Chernoslivom Свинина с Черносливом MOLDOVA RUSSIA pork with prunes

Tajin Aldijaj طاجن الدجاج ARABIA LEVANT NORTH AFRICA sweet chicken tagine
Táng Cù Jī Sī 糖醋鸡丝 CHINA sweet and sour chicken shreds
Teriyaki / Teri Chicken POLYNESIA chicken in sour-sweet fruit sauce
Tinolang Bangus PHILLIPINES gingered milkfish soup
Tira de Asado / Chimichurri ARGENTINA CHILE PARAQUAY URUGUAY barbecued short ribs / parsley spice mixture
Topik ARMENIA LEVANT stuffed chickpea and potato balls
Tortellini di Valeggio in Brodo ITALY handmade filled pasta in meat broth

Vatapá BRAZIL chicken with prawns in coconut and peanut sauce

Wellington Pies NEW ZEALAND lamb pies

Xocalı As Qarası AZERBAIJAN Khojali lamb rice with apricots, chestnuts, cranberries, onion, plums / prunes, raisins, turmeric

Yú Dòufu Tāng 鱼豆腐汤 CHINA fish beancurd soup

Zhīma Dàngāo hé Zhūròu Mò 芝麻蛋糕和猪肉末 CHINA sesame cakes and minced pork


Alicha Kimem አልጫ ቅመም ETHIOPIA spice mixture
Berbere በርበሬ ETHIOPIA spice mixture
Nit’ir Qibe የቅቤ ቅመሞችና ንጥር ቅቤ ETHIOPIA butter spices, clarified butter
Orange and Onion Salad سالاد پرتقال و پیاز IRAN orange and onion salad
Platanos Maduros CUBA CARIBBEAN WEST AFRICA fried sweet plantains

VOLUME 2 & 3 (Provisional)

Aaloo Chole / Aaloo Cholay / Aloo Cholay PAKISTAN spicy chickpeas and potatoes
Acarajé BRAZI bean and onion cakes
Almuruzia / المروزية / M’assal / M’rouzia / Tajine de Mrouzia NORTH AFRICA sweet lamb tagine
Apfelsalat GERMANY apple salad
Apfelstrudel AUSTRIA apple pastry
Älplermagronen mit Wirz LIECHTENSTEIN macaroni, cheese, cabbage / potatoes with onion rings
Apfel, Rhabarber und Ingwer Streusel GERMANY apple, rhubarb and ginger crumble
Atzem Pilaf TURKEY rice with orzo

Bergensk Frokostbuffé / Lefse NORWAY Bergen Norwegian buffet breakfast featuring potato pancakes
Botvinja BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA beef and beet vegetable soup
Brav u Mlijeku MONTENEGRO lamb in milk
Brisolée SWITZERLAND autumn harvest buffet with chestnuts, cheese, fruit and wine
Bryndzové Halušky SLOVAKIA potato dumplings with cheese
Bubur Ayam INDONESIA INDONESIA chicken and rice pudding
Bubur Cha-Cha MALAYSIA SINGAPORE coconut, sago / sweet potato / taro dessert
Byrek me Spinaq / Pita Zeljanica ALBANIA BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA KOSOVO TURKEY cheese and spinach pies

Cappelletti in Brodo SAN MARINO filled pasta hats in beef broth
Caruru BRAZIL okra in spicy nut and shrimp paste
Caws Pobi Welsh rarebit WALES cheese on toast
Chicken Tikka Masala BRITAIN chicken in spices and yoghurt
Chicons au Gratin BELGIUM chicory / endive with cheese and ham
Churrasco BRAZIL grilled meat
Ciorba Rădăuțeană ROMANIA sour chicken and vegetable soup
Cocido SPAIN CENTRAL AMERICA SOUTH AMERICA chickpea, potato, meat stew
Chicons au Gratin BELGIUM chicory / endive with cheese and ham

Diǎnxīn 点心 (Dim Sum) CHINA sweet and savoury snacks
Didžkukuliai (Cepelinai) LITHUANIA potato zeppelins
Dum Biryani INDIA rice with chicken / lamb / vegetables

Empanadas SPAIN ARGENTINA pies

Farshirovannyye Gusinoy Kasha Фаршированные Гусиной Каша RUSSIA stuffed goose with cream, nut, semolina skin
Fegato di Vitello alla Veneziano ITALY Venetian veal liver in onion sauce
Flamenquines SPAIN pork rolls
Fondue Rustique FRANCE SWITZERLAND Appenzeller, Emmental, Gruyère, Vacherin Fribourgeois

Galllina en Pepitoria SPAIN sautéed chicken with almond sauce
Gizzada JAMAICA coconut custard tarts
Gommer Cholera SWITZERLAND apple, cheese, pear, potato pie
Gosht INDIA mild lamb curry
Gumbo aux Herbes (Gumbo Z’herbes) USA aromatic greens with rice

Hurmašice BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA syrup cakes

Injera ERITREA ETHIOPIA sour pancake bread
Irish Pub Chowder – The Original IRELAND fish and potato soup
Jalfrezi Chicken ENGLAND spicy chicken
Jerk Chicken / Pollo Jerk JAMAICA spiced chicken

Kartofel’nyy Calat Картофельный Cалат BELARUS RUSSIA UKRAINE potato salad
Kerala Parotta / Paratha INDIA flaky flatbread
Kibbeh LEBANON SYRIA TURKEY spiced bulgur and meat
Kolokythokeftedes Κολοκυθοκεφτεδες GREECE courgette cheese balls
Kostica Костица MOLDOVA barbecued juicy pork on the bone
Kraška Jota SLOVENIA thick bean, potato, sausage and vegetable soup


Mâche et de Roquette dans l’écrou Vinaigrette FRANCE SWITZERLAND dressed rocket leaves and valeriana leaves
Marengo Viande de Veau FRANCE veal with garlic, wine, tomato sauce
Mee Goreng INDONESIA MALAYSIA SINGAPORE fried noodles with bean curd, chicken, fish cakes, potatoes, prawns and squid in an aromatic sauce
Mousakás / Μουσακάς / Moussakás / Moussaka BALKANS GREECE MACEDONIA MOLDOVA MONTENEGRO TURKEY aubergine bake
Muschiulet de Porc Impletit ROMANIA braided pork fillet

Nasi Kuning INDONESIA yellow rice made with coconut milk and turmeric

Oie Rôtie aux Fruits FRANCE roast goose with apple, pear / dried apricot, prune
Orecchiette con Broccoli e Acciughe ITALY pasta with broccoli and anchovies
Ostfriesische Grünkohl GERMANY kale with bacon, onions and sausages

Paella Mixta a la Valenciana SPAIN rice with beans, chicken and fish
Paletilla de Cordero Confitada ANDORRA CATALONIA SPAIN slow cooked lamb with crispy vegetables
Pangasius Knusperli im Backteig SWITZERLAND VIETNAM pangasius (catfish) nuggets
Pastél / Pastél Anógaras CYPRUS GREECE honey brittles
Peposa di Daino ROMAN ITALY venison in Roman-style aromatic red wine sauce
Pepperpot CARIBBEAN spicy pepper, salt beef, vegetable, coconut soup
Peshwari Naan INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT aromatic flatbread
Picadillo CARIBBEAN SOUTH AMERICA piquant minced meat

Rillettes de Fumé Haddock et Cuillères Citronnées FRANCE potted smoked haddock on bread spoons
Riñones al Jerez SPAIN kidneys in sherry sauce
Risotto al Tastasal / Risotto alla Veronese ITALY vialone nano rice with seasoned ground pork, parmigiano, rosemary, cinnamon in beef broth and white wine
Roast Pork and Apple Sauce, Onions with Crackling ENGLAND DENMARK
Rogan Josh ENGLAND spicy almond and lamb curry
Roggenbrot / Pains de Seigle SWITZERLAND rye bread
Rosto GIBRALTAR pasta with meat and vegetables in tomato sauce

Samosa ASIA EUROPE curry pastries
Shapkat ALBANIA cornmeal, cheese and leek / spinach pie
Shirin Plov AZERBAIJAN sweet rice
Smörgåsbord SWEDEN buffet
Spaghetti alla Carbonara ITALY pasta with bacon and cheese

Tarka Dal EUROPE INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT spicy lentil soup
Testenine z Bob in Zaseka SLOVENIA pasta with beans and garlic pork fat
Thalassiná GREECE seafood pilaf
Tiroler Schmarrn AUSTRIA torn sweet pancake
Tortillitas de Camarones de Gaditano SPAIN shrimp fritters
Trinxat ANDORRA CATALONIA bacon, cabbage and potato
Truita de Patata i Ceba SPAIN potato omelette

Vindaloo INDIA PORTUGAL spicy meat stew

Walliser Käseschnitte SWITZERLAND Wallis baked cheese, ham and tomato slices with fried egg, gherkins and onions

Yellow Man IRELAND sugar-syrup candy

Candidates for Series (incomplete)

ACILI EZME SALATASI spicy tomato salad

AJOARRIERO cod fish, tomato and pepper stew

Almuruzia / المروزية / M’assal / M’rouzia / Tajine de Mrouzia sweet lamb tagine

ÄLPERMAGRONEN macaroni, cheese, cabbage / potatoes with onion rings

Amish Chicken

Angel Cake

ANJOVISLÄDA anchovy (sprats) and potato gratin

Anzac Biscuits oat-syrup biscuits with oats, macadamia nuts and wattleseeds

APFELSALAT apple salad

APFELSTRUDEL apple pastry

ATZEM PILAF rice with orzo pasta


Baked Pumpkin

BANITSA cheese, egg and yoghurt filo pastry

BLINI pancakes

Boston Baked Beans

BRATKARTOFFELN MIT SPECK UND ZWIEBELN UND BRATKARTOFFELGEWÜRZ fried potatoes with bacon and onion and spice mixture

BRATWÜRST MIT ZWIEBELSAUCE sausage with onion sauce

BRAV U MLIJEKU lamb in milk


BRYNDZOVÉ HALUSKY potato dumplings with cheese and smoked bacon

BUBUR AYAM rice pudding with chicken


Calas breakfast rice fritters


CAWS POBI cheese on toast aka Welsh rarebit

Cerdo Jerk / Jerk Pork spiced pork

Chaurice-Tchourisse stuffed cabbage

CHICONS AU GRATIN chicory / endive with cheese and ham



Chilaquiles Rojos / Chilaquiles Verdes tortilla breakfast with red or green sauce and accompaniments

COCIDO chickpea, potato, meat stew

COLCANNON kale and potato mash

CORNISH PASTY crimped beef and vegetable pie

Country Captain

Crab Salad

Cranberry Pie

CULLEN SKINK smoked haddock and potato soup

DE KAPSALON hairdresser – French fries with shoarma meat, melted cheese, salad and sauce

Diǎnxīn (Dim Sum) 点心配方 sweet and savoury snacks

DUM BIRYANI rice with chicken / lamb / vegetables

EINTÖPF Alpine stew


ESPETADA skewered garlic beef

FARSHIROVANNYYE GUSINOY KASHA stuffed goose with cream, nut, semolina skin

FARÇON puréed potatoes with eggs, herbs and spices


FISKEFARS / FISKEFARSE poached fish balls


FOCACCIA CON CICCOLI flatbread with pork crackling

FONDUE / THE FONDUE STORY melted cheese with bread

FUL MEDAMES fava beans with cumin, lemon juice, olive oil, onions and tahini

GALLINA EN PEPITORIA sautéed chicken with almond sauce

GOBHI GAJAR AUR MATAR KI SABZI cauliflower, carrots and peas

Gizzada coconut custard tarts

GJEL DETI ME PËRSHESH turkey cock with bread mash

GERSTENSUPPE / KRUPNIK barley, pork hock, mushroom / bean soup

GNOCCHI potato dumplings

GOGEL MOGEL sweet egg yolk dessert



Injera sour pancake bread

IRISH STEW lamb, onions, potatoes



KALAKUKKO fish pastry pie

KALBSRAHMGULASCH MIT SAUERRAHMNSPÄTZLE creamy veal stew with sour cream dumplings

KAPUSTA Z JABLKAMI apple with cabbage

Kentucky Salad

KILUSALAT sprat, potato and onion salad

Kimchi seasoned vegetables

KIPFEL croissants

KLOPSIKI W SOSIE SERY PLESNIOWE meatballs with blue cheese sauce

KOSTICA barbecued juicy pork on the bone

KOTÓSOUPA AVGOLÉMONO chicken, rice and lemon soup

KOTLETKI meat / vegetable / fruit rissoles

KURU KIYMA VE PATLICANLI PIDE aubergine and meat flatbread

L’ESTOCAFIC stockfish stew

MÂCHE ET DE ROQUETTE DANS L’ÉCROU VINAIGRETTE cornsalad and rocket leaves with nuts


MARENGO VIANDE DE VEAU veal in garlic, tomato and wine sauce

MARMITAKO Basque fish stew

Maryland Chicken



Ménggǔ Huǒguō 蒙古 火锅 Mongolian hot pot

MISCHLETA apple, cheese, corn and potato gratin

MOHRENKÖPF chocolate kiss

MOROS Y CRISTIANOS black beans and white rice

NASI AYAM HAINAN rice and chicken

Native Pudding chia, kakadu plum, macadamia dessert


OIE RÔTIE AUX FRUITS roast goose with fruit



ORECCHIETTE ALLE CIME DI RAPA / BROCCOLI E ACCIUGHE pasta with turnip tops / broccoli and anchovy

Pain Patate


Paprika Mackerel

PATATNIK cheese and potato pie

PATTA GOBHI AUR GAJAR cabbage, carrot and coriander

PEPOSA DI DAINO vension in Roman-style aromatic red wine sauce

PESHWARI NAAN aromatic flatbread

PETITS FARCIS SARDINES ET THON tomatoes stuffed with sardines and tuna

PILAF / PILAVI / PLOV rice with various ingredients

PLOV rice with butter, egg, saffron

POULPE À LA GALICIENNE octopus Galician-style

RÄIME PIRUKAD herring pies

RÄIMEPIHVID pan-fried herrings



RILLETTES DE FUMÉ HADDOCK ET CUILLÈRES CITRONNÉES potted smoked haddock on bread spoons


RISOTTO AL TASTASAL / RISOTTO ALLA VERONESE vialone nano rice with seasoned ground pork, parmigiano, rosemary, cinnamon in beef broth and white wine

RISOTTO ALLA PO DELTA MELON CON GAMBERETTI  rice with Po Delta melon and shrimp)

RISOTTO CON LA SALSICCIA rice with sausage

Roast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

ROGAN JOSH spicy almond and lamb curry

RÖSTI pan-fried potatoes

Rosto pasta with meat and vegetables in tomato sauce

SALSA PEPOSA Roman-era sauce

SAMOSAS curry pastries

SCHWEIN MIT KRAUT pork and cabbage

SHASHLYK skewered meat

Shrimp Salad

SHIRIN PLOV sweet rice


Spaghetti alla Carbonara / Spaghetti Carbonara pasta with egg, cured pork cheek and cheese

Spaghetti with Meatballs

SPAGHETTI CON COLATURA DI ALICI pasta with fermented fish sauce

STOEMP aromatic carrot, onion, potato mash

Sukuma Wiki braised greens




TESTENINE Z BOB ZASEKA pasta with broad beans and garlic pork fat

Texas Chicken


THALASSINÁ seafood pilaf

TIROLER SCHMARRN torn sweet pancake 

TOKANY paprika stew


TRINXAT bacon, cabbage and potato

TRUITA DE PATATA I CEBA potato omelette

TURLI TAVA meat and vegetable stew

Wattleseed and Kakadu Plum Bread


YEŞİL ZEYTIN PIYAZI green olive salad