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Europe’s small bread tradition continues to grow, and Robert Allen and Tim Schneider want you to experience this bread revolution with enigmatic recipes that call for high hydration, bread improvers and authentic modern flours to produce some of the best breads you have ever tasted. With 75 breads this small bread book is unique. The electronic edition will be available in the Spring, and we are accepting pre-orders at a reduced price.



Legendary Dishes | Mercimek Çorbasi (lentil soup)

TURKEY The secret of this aromatic lentil soup is in the modern method. Generally lentil soups, from the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans to the time of the aristocratic French and Italians, were slow-cooked, the lentils allowed to dissolve slowly into the liquid. In Turkey, as we discovered during a visit to Bekir … Continue reading Legendary Dishes | Mercimek Çorbasi (lentil soup)

Legendary Dishes | Gallina Ripiena (stuffed chicken)

ITALY One of the great traditional dishes of the Italian regions, stuffed chicken is a feast of flavours. In Bologna the stuffing will usually contain mortadella and veal with layered hard-boiled eggs. In Brescia the stuffing will have amaretto breadcrumbs, Grana Padano cheese and liver. Generally the stuffing is pork mince with onion and salami … Continue reading Legendary Dishes | Gallina Ripiena (stuffed chicken)

Legendary Dishes | Abbacchio alla Cacciatora (lamb with garlic, rosemary and sage, hunter-style)

ITALY A traditional Sunday lunch dish of the Lazio region of central Italy, associated with Christmas and Easter, the suckling lamb flavoured with anchovies, garlic and herbs gives it a distinctive taste, not unlike the lamb and anchovy tradition in other parts of the peninsula. Some cooks like to coat the lamb pieces in flour, … Continue reading Legendary Dishes | Abbacchio alla Cacciatora (lamb with garlic, rosemary and sage, hunter-style)

Legendary Dishes | Żurek (sour soup)

POLAND Żurek with bread is a classic Easter dish and only one of hundreds of variations of this enduring soup. An ancient traditional dish across the Carpathian mountains through to the Ukraine steppe, the Polish have refused to let it fall out of favour, and even make it easier to make with commercial versions of … Continue reading Legendary Dishes | Żurek (sour soup)

Legendary Dishes | Sopa de Camarão (prawn soup)

PORTUGAL Traditionally made with live shrimp, this soup now requires whole prawns because the flavour comes from the cooking water and from prawn heads that have been pounded in a mortar with butter, sieved and returned to the prawn stock. 1.5 litres water 1 kg prawns, whole 500 g onions, chopped 125 g butter 125 … Continue reading Legendary Dishes | Sopa de Camarão (prawn soup)

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