Fabulous Fricot # 1 — Coming Soon

PUBLICATION OF FRICOT EDITIONS’ new 199-page monthly magazine on the traditional food of the world is imminent.


The amazing story of stockfish and its magical properties.


The true story of the origins of spaghetti carbonara – the indigenous foods and the local recipes that inspired this iconic dish.


The cheese revolution continues in 2021. Part one of a six-part series begins with a history of the raw milk chesses that define European cheese-making.

— Amairgen’s Tastes of Hibernia
— My Mother’s Cookbook by Anne Addicott
— Traditional Tastes of Turkey by Banu Özden
— The American Cookbook by The Traditional Food Archivist
— The Politics of Food by Robert Allen
… and more to be announced

Extract from the Fricot Editions’ pocket book Around Ireland in Search of Fish and Fortune

Extract from the Fricot Editions’ pocket book Blue Window | Culinary Adventures in the Alps

Extract from the Fricot Editions’ pocket book Handmade Small Breads

Exclusive extract from early drafts of the large format book The Great European Food Adventure to be published in 2022.

Profiles of artisanal products, indigenous produce and local foods, this month:—

—OSSOLANO Cheese profile plus recipes for the alpine cheese of the Ossola valley in Piedmont

—LAMON BEAN of Italy with three recipes

—THE FISH SANDWICH tradition of Bornholm, Hamburg and Istanbul plus recipes

Country of the Month is ITALY

Restaurant of the Month is BOTTEGA DEL VINO in Verona

Person of the Month is Ciabatta inventor ARNALDO CAVALLARI of Adria.

Place of the Month is DOMODOSSOLA, Italy

Bread of the Month is the story of the corn-rye-wheat bread called Pan di Sorc from Gemona del Friuli in the Italian alps

Book of the Month is a review of Pellegrino Artusi’s legendary Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well

Street Food of the Month is the chickpea fritters of Genoa and Palermo

Festival of the Month should not be a surprise, it is Carnevale di Venezia, from Saturday January 30 to Shrove Tuesday February 16

Carnival food in Venice – gargati pasta with pancetta and tomato (recipe in FF#1)

Recipe of the Month will feature an iconic recipe from each of the five habitable continents

The jewel in the FABULOUS FRICOT crown is FIVE! – five popular traditional recipes of a country or region through the ages with associated stories about the primary ingredients: this month:— the fabulous food of the VENETIAN archipelago

All content in FF is exclusive and original to the magazine, contemporary and current at the time of publication.

FF will feature selected advertisements for food produce, food products, food items and food paraphernalia endorsed by Fricot Editors. Space available is 15 cm 15 cm (with bleed), single page. Rate sheet with conditions is now available.

Orders for FF single copies and for the 2021 subscription can be made around mid-month
(do not order before our announcement!)

Fabulous Fricot # 1

The first edition.


Fabulous Fricot Subscription

12 editions of Fabulous Fricot from January to December 2021