Legendary Dishes | Platanos Maduros (fried sweet plantains)


Plantains are a versatile fruit, made into chips, pancakes and waffles, but traditionally they are fried ripe from black plantains, and unripe from green and yellow plantains. The fruit of the green plantain is firm and will produce a savory dish. The fruit of the yellow plantain is firm and sweet and will produce a sweet dish. The fruit of the black plantain is soft and will produce a sweet dish. Bintu explains the methods in her essay on the use of plantains.

  • 4 black plantains
  • 75 ml vegetable oil
  • 30 g mixed seasonings and spices

Cut ends of each plantain. With a sharp knife run a shallow slit along the length of both sides of each plantain. Remove the peel by pulling each seam back.

Cut each plantain at an angle into 2 centimetre slices.

Dust one side of the slices with seasonings and spices.

Work in batches.

Shallow fry the un-seasoned slices until they are golden-brown, about two minutes, carefully turn over each slice and fry the seasoned side for about 30 seconds.