Legendary Dishes | Black Pudding Potato Omelette


This omelette works better made in a small frying pan around 20 centimetres in diameter. Ideally the potatoes should be new and the duck eggs as fresh as possible. Black pepper will add spice to the flavour but is optional, and salt is also optional.

  • 500 g black pudding, cut into small dice (1 cm square)
  • 4 duck eggs, whisked in twos
  • 300 g potatoes, cooked, diced small
  • 40 ml vegetable oil
  • 10 g black pepper (optional)
  • Salt, several pinches (optional)

Heat grill.

Divide black pudding and potatoes into two batches.

Place two teaspoons of oil in the frying pan, heat until there is a hint of smoke from the oil, add first batch of black pudding cubes, fry at a high heat for a couple of minutes, redistributing the cubes around the pan with several flicks of the wrist or with a spatula, until the cubes turn brown.

Add the first batch of potatoes, fry and distribute throughout the pan until they take on some colour.

Dribble two teaspoons of oil into the pan, pour the first whisking of eggs around the mixture. Use the spatula break up the mixture.

Put the pan under the grill for two minutes to crisp the surface.

Serve and repeat.