Legendary Dishes | Mitraillette (potato fries, meat, sauce in bread roll)


The mitraillette, a culinary creation like no other, is embedded in Belgian, French and Dutch snack food culture so to think of it as a domestic dish or a restaurant special – a meal in itself – is almost revolutionary, more scattergun than strategic.

Yet there is evidence that a culture for a rustic home-made mitraillette has begun to emerge in recent years.

The home-made fricadelle of Belgium and northern France and the home-made frikandel of the Netherlands have simply reverted back to the original traditon, before the rise of the butcher-made products and the demand for commercial products to serve the snack culture.

Home-made baguettes require a small tweak of the baker version.

Pommes frites are relatively easy to make at home.

Sauces are just as easily made in the domestic environment.

The mitraillette Fricot-style can be assembled from baguettes maison, pomme frites, fricadelles maison, Hollandische frikandel and andalouse sauce.