Legendary Dishes | Panissa Piemontese / Paniscia alla Novarese (rice with beans and salami)


Across the Po Valley on the Vercelli plain beyond Milan in Piedmont, the Saluggia bean is joined with Novara salami to produce a rice dish rooted in local tradition.

  • 1.5 litres beef broth, heated
  • 350 g baldo rice
  • 300 g salame della duja, chopped
  • 300 g Saluggia beans, soaked
  • 150 g onion, chopped
  • 70 g pancetta, diced
  • 35 g butter
  • 30 ml olive oil
  • 30 g pork rind, chopped
  • 10 g black pepper, freshly ground

Cook the beans in the broth, strain and retain the liquid.

Melt the oil and butter in a deep, wide frying pan over a low heat.

Saute pancetta, salami and onions for ten minutes, combine with half of the beans.

Add rice, coat and toast for five minutes over a high heat.

Reduce heat to medium, cover rice mixture with a ladle of the beef-bean stock.

When the rice has absorbed the liquid, add another ladle and repeat until the rice is al dente and there is still some liquid in the pan, about 20 minutes.

Stir in remaining beans, garnish with pepper, leave to rest for ten minutes.