On a clear sky blue day the panoramic view from the top of Säntis is breath-taking – the Spülgenpass and Italy to the south, Lucern and the Swiss Alpine range to the south-west, Vaduz and Austria to the east, the Bodensee and Germany to the north.

The northwards view sweeps across the cantons of Saint Gallen, Thurgau and Appenzell – rolling mountains and herbal meadows dotted in summer with grazing cattle.

This is Appenzellerland: vom Bodensee bis zum Säntis, where the secrets of tending cattle and cheese-making are shrouded in family history.

The cattle farmers of these cantons bring raw milk to the 58 dairies who make wheels of spicy Appenzeller cheese, remaining faithful to old artisan recipes. Appenzeller has an unique flavour that is attributed to the kräutersulz used to bathe the wheels, that forms a natural preserving rind.

Don’t bother asking for the herbal brine recipes. For 700 years they have
remained closely guarded secrets, passed from generation to generation.

Just like the view from Säntis. To know exactly where to look you must
know the sweep of the landscape, and that will always be bred in the bone.

APPENZELLER CLASSIC 3-4 months old, mild-spicy, soft, (silver label), sold Switzerland and Europe.
APPENZELLER BIO 3-4 months, mild-spicy, soft, (green-red), sold Switzerland.
APPENZELLER EXTRA 6 months, extra-spicy, soft, (black-gold), sold Switzerland, France and Germany.
APPENZELLER SURCHOIX 4-6 months, strong spicy, soft, (gold), sold Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany.
APPENZELLER 1/4-FAT MATURE 6-8 months, low-fat, herbal- spicy, semi-hard (brown silver), sold Switzerland, Austria
and Germany.
ALPENZELLER 10 weeks-8 months, mild-spicy, semi-hard, (green-silver), sold locally.

Other Cheeses in Series

Bryndza Podhalańska
AUSTRIATIROLER BERGKÄSE Hard, raw cows milk, strong.
BELGIUMBOULETTE DE ROMEDENNE Soft, fresh, raw and skimmed cows milk, creamy.
BELGIUMFROMAGE DE HERVE Soft, cellar-ripened, washed-rind, cows milk, unctuous.
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINATRAVNICKI Soft, white brine, ewes milk.
BULGARIASIRENE Medium-hard brined buffalo, cows, goats or sheeps milk, white, salty.
CROATIAPAŠKI SIR Hard, sheeps milk, sharp and sweet, aromatic.
CZECHIAOLOMOUCKÉ TVARUZKY Semi-soft, skimmed sour curd, piquant.
DENMARKHAVARTI ARTISAN Semi-hard, ripened curd, herbal, tangy.
FRANCEABONDANCE FERMIER Soft, whole raw cow's milk, pressed, semi-cooked paste, fruity.
FRANCEBEAUFORT Semi-hard, cellar-ripened, whole raw cow's milk, pressed, aromatic.
FRANCEBROCCIU CORSE Hard / Soft, fresh whey and whole raw ewes, goats milk, pressed, fresh / ripened, unique.
FRANCEREBLOCHON DE SAVOIE Semi-soft, washed-rind, whole raw cows milk, salty.
GERMANYHOLSTEINER TILSITER Semi-hard, cellar-ripened, cows milk, mild-spicy.
GREECEKEFALOTIRI Semi-hard, ewes, goats milk, salty.
GREECELADOTYRI MYTILINIS Hard, sheeps, goats milk, salty, spicy.
IRELANDCARLOW Semi-hard, raw cows milk / raw ewes milk.
IRELANDCORLEGGY Hard, raw goats milk, pungent.
ITALYCACIOCAVALLO SILANO Semi-hard, cows milk, sweet, spicy.
ITALYMALGA STRAVECCHIO Hard, mature cows milk, spun paste, fruity.
ITALYOSSOLANO Semi-hard, cows milk, aromatic.
LITHUANIALILIPUTAS Semi-hard, cellar-ripened, cows milk, fresh milky.
MONTENEGROPLJEVALJSKI Semi-soft, full-fat, pressed, cask-ripened, cows milk, salty.
POLANDBRYNDZA / BRYNDZA PODHALAŃSKA Soft, cows, ewes and sheeps milk, mild and strong, spicy, salty.
POLANDOSCYPEK Semi-hard, cold-smoked, sour-sweet curd, cows, ewes milk, salty.
PORTUGAL QUEIJO DE AZEITÃO Semi-hard, raw ewes milk, sweet.
ROMANIA — TELEMEA Semi-hard, cows milk.
SERBIAKRIVOVIR Semi-soft, cows, ewes and goats milk, nutty.
SLOVAKIAZÁZRIVSKÉ VOJKY Smoked, unsmoked, cow‘s milk string, savoury.
SLOVENIAMOHANT Soft, cask-ripened, cows milk, piquant.
SPAINRONCAL Hard, ewes milk, sweet.
SWEDENHUSHÅLLS Semi-hard, full-fat, cows milk, piquant.
SWITZERLANDAPPENZELLER Semi-hard, seasoned rind, herbal-spicy, raw cows milk.
SWITZERLANDSPRINZ Hard, raw cows milk, salty, tangy, sweet.
TURKEYKARS GRAVYERI Semi-hard, mature cows milk, tangy.