Legendary Dishes | Malidjano / Malidzan (aubergine with cheese and walnuts)


Traditionally Macedonian, this aubergine-based paste is made throughout the Balkans with various ingredients used to enhance the flavour. Two versions are prominent – sweet, with roasted bell and / or paprika peppers, and savoury, which omits the peppers – both heavy on the aubergines with strong sheep‘s cheese and aromatic walnuts.

2.5 kg bell / paprika peppers, de-seeded, roasted (optional)
1.25 kg aubergine, baked, pulp removed
150 g walnuts, chopped
100 g olive oil
6 garlic cloves, chopped
50 g sheep‘s cheese / sirene / feta / white cheese
15 ml wine vinegar
5 g black pepper
5 g mustard

Blend aubergine with the garlic, mustard, oil, vinegar (and if using peppers) into a purée. Or omit peppers, stir cheese and walnuts into the purée, season with pepper.