Legendary Dishes | Topinky se Sýrem a Vejci (toast with cheese and eggs)


The preparation of toast in Czechia is the opportunity to be creative or pragmatic. Among the most popular is toast with cheese and eggs. There are hundreds of variations of this enigmatic dish and Czechs are not slow to add more.

  • 4 thick slices of toasted bread
  • 4 eggs
  • 160 g hard cheese, grated
  • 60 g cream
  • 30 g butter
  • Salt, small pinch

Heat the bread in a toaster, coat with a thin layer of butter. Whisk the eggs with the cream and salt. Heat butter in a small pot over a medium to low heat, pour the egg-cream mixture and gently scramble. Sprinkle a small amount of cheese on each slice of bread. Place under the grill to melt the cheese. Spread the scrambled eggs over the cheese, sprinkle more cheese over the top, grill briefly and serve hot.