Legendary Dishes | Bratwürst mit Champignonrahmsauce (sausages with mushroom sauce)

Bratwürst with mushroom sauce

750 g Parisien (white) mushrooms, stems thin sliced and chopped, heads quartered
300 ml cream
200 ml white wine
150 g red onion / white onion, sliced, diced
45 ml sunflower oil
30 g boletus (soaked in 200 ml water)
30 g Djion mustard
5 g black pepper, pinch
5 g salt, pinch

Sauté onions in a frying pan with oil over a low heat for ten minutes, cover and sweat for ten minutes until the onions take on a red-brown colour. Increase heat to medium, stir in mushroom stems, cook for two minutes. Add remaining mushrooms and wine, cover and reduce for five minutes. Add the boletus soaking water, reduce for five minutes. Lower heat, cover and simmer for ten minutes. Lower heat and slowly incorporate cream and mustard into mushroom mixture. Bring to low bubble. Season and use as needed. Serve with pork or veal sausages, German and Swiss style.