BLUE WINDOW | Food Travels in the Alps | Käseknopfli (cheese noodles)

Käseknopfli AUSTRIA GERMANY LIECHTENSTEIN cheese noodles


Another dish that is rooted in alpine food traditions, with countless variations across the German-speaking regions, especially in Liechtenstein, where they use cubed bread from rolls.


250 g white spelt flour
240 g (4) eggs
100 ml water
50 g semolina
15 ml sunflower oil
5 g salt


300 g Appenzeller cheese, grated
300 g onions, cut into rings
15 g white spelt flour
Clarified butter

Sieve flour and salt into a large bowl with the semolina. Beat eggs with water and oil. Pour egg mixture into flour, beat with a spoon to produce a thin smooth dough. Leave to rest for 30 minutes. Boil a large pot of salted water. Using a spatula, push dough through strainer holes into boiling water. Cook knöpfli until they rise to the surface, about three minutes, lift out, drain. Keep warm in 80°C oven. Dredge onion rings in flour, fry in butter until crisp. Dress knöpfli in cheese, top with onions.