BLUE WINDOW | Food Travels in the Alps | Frico con I Ciccioli (crispy cheese and pork fat fritters)


Cheese with pork fat is also a traditional favourite of this region. This recipe is from Alessandro Molinari Pradelli’s Cooking of Friuli-Venzia Giula published by Newton Compton of Rome.

  • 175 g Malga cheese, mature
  • 175 g Montasio cheese, young
  • 50 g pork belly, cubed

In a very hot pan taken off the direct heat, fry the pork cubes, moving them around. When they turn brown, add the grated cheese, pressing it into the pork pieces with a spatula. Return to heat, set very low, stir several times. Cook until the frico is golden and crisp, brittle to the touch. Serve with polenta.