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Alpine Breads

Ask any baker or chef in Switzerland to guess how many different breads there are in the confederation, and more often than not they will come up with the same figure — 300!

That sounds high until you consider the number of flours and flour variations that exist. Meyerhans Mill list 51 different flour mixes.

So if you want to make the popular morning breads known as burli, gipfel and weggli all you have to do is buy the respective mixes.

The gipfel mix from Meyerhans Mill contains wheat flour (types 400 and 720), starch, salt (with iodine), sugar, barley malt flour, skimmed milk powder, wheat gluten, butter powder and an emulsifer.

Their weggli mix contains wheat flour (type 550), vegetable oils and fats (partially hydrogenated), skimmed milk powder, salt (with iodine), sugar, starch, barley malt, dextrose and emulsifier.

Obviously this makes the job of baking so much easier and the result is appropriate.

Swiss Milk list 112 bread recipes.

These recipes understandably feature breads that contain butter, cheese and milk, are decorative, and typically Alpine, not just in Switzerland, also in Austria and Germany. They include:

Birenbrot — the delicious bread made with pears.

Bernerzöpf / Butterzöpf — the braided loaf that adorns many a breakfast table, especially on Sundays.

Bürli — the St. Gallen buns that are served with their famous sausages.

Dinkelbröt — spelt bread made with original spelt flour.

Gipfel — the crescent breads that differ subtly from their more famous Parisian cousins.

Kartoffelbrot — the potato bread made with whole-wheat flour.

Maisbrötchen — bread made with corn meal.

Milchbrötchen — the small milk bread rolls.

Mutschli — the crusty breakfast rolls.

Pligätsch — the sweet spiced fruit and nut bread made with rye and wholewheat flours.

Rüeblibrot — the original carrot bread.

Semmel — the small white wheat bread rolls of Austria and Germany.

Weggli — the soft breakfast rolls of Switzerland.

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