BLUE WINDOW | Food Travels in the Alps | Nusstorte (nut cake)

Nusstorte AUSTRIA GERMANY nut cake with apricot



300 g (5) eggs separated, whites whisked into stiff froth
150 g sugar
75 g hazelnuts, ground
75 g walnuts, ground
60 g breadcrumbs, soaked in a splash of brandy or rum
Butter, for greasing cake tin
Flour, for lining cake tin

Whisk egg yolks with sugar, fold in egg whites followed by breadcrumbs and nuts. Preheat oven to 180°C. Put mixture in a cake tin with a loose bottom, bake for 45 minutes, test with skewer and bake for a further 10-15 minutes if necessary. When it has cooled, halve, fill and decorate.


60 g chocolate (70%), melted
30 g butter
1 egg yolk

Fold butter and egg yolk into chocolate.


180 g sugar
45 g apricot jam, warmed, spread on top of cake
1 lemon juice
4 walnuts, halved

Stir juice into sugar, add a little water to make a thick liquid, heat gently to dissolve sugar, pour quickly over the whole cake, topped with apricot jam. Finish with walnuts.