BOOK | Traditional Tastes of Europe | Introduction & Recipe List

The image that epitomised Sicilian Food at the World Fair
© Giovanna Colomba

The Piazzetta Sicilia at the World Fair in Milan, performer Giovanna Colomba evokes the colours and smells of Sicily, where memory is the future and ‘being Sicilian‘ is the ultimate in artistic and culinary expression.

Giovanna Colomba’s ‘half-head’ images present the beginnings of a colourful journey into the culture and history of an island that has been shaped by the cuisine of two continents and the culinary sensibilities of countless invaders.

This is da perdere la testa: quando cibo e arte si incontrano (be off your head: when food and art meet), a project conjured into existence by Al Plurale, a collective in Trapani in western Sicily and by the tourist consortium in Siracusa in eastern Sicily for exposure at Expo 2015 and elsewhere.

They described the project as a framework of flavours, a description that could not be more apt for 21st century Europe, where culinary identities are being reshaped to reflect new realities. 

These realities are the interaction between people and place – the fields and forests, the seas, rivers and lakes, the mountain pastures, the settled estuaries, the plains and steppes, the allotments, plots, rooftop gardens, terraces – and all the produce they grow, fish, cook, bake and manufacture daily.

We have given it a theme – People Place Produce – and we call our work the Fricot Project!

Traditional recipes have always evolved through generations, and traditional foods remain popular largely because of their organoleptic properties, but the emphasis has shifted from national to regional, from the city and town back to the townland and village.

The re-emergence of traditional foods in the kitchens of imaginative artisanal bakers, visionary home cooks and clever specialist chefs is the start of a new food revolution that has roots in sustainable food security, the protection of localised employment and that culmination of culinary expertise – freshness and quality.

It is not a surprise that the people of Sicily feel a strong desire to share their traditional food culture with the world. Much of what is good about Europe’s culinary traditions emerged or passed through the islands of the Mediterranean, most of all Sicily whose food was shaped by the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Greeks and the Romans, by the Arabs and the Moors and the Normans, by the Spanish and the Italians.

The same can be said of the Italian peninsula. Food historians Alberto Capatti and Massimo Montanari explain this in their book, Italian Cuisine: A Cultural Journey. ‘Mirroring a history marked by provincial loyalties and political division, a huge variety of gastronomic traditions make Italy’s culinary heritage unimaginably rich and more appealing today than the cuisine of any other country, now that the demand for diversity and distinctive “provincial” flavours has become especially keen.’

Capatti and Montanari believed in 1999 when they wrote their book that Italian cuisine was ‘experiencing an internal identity crisis’. Italy was not alone. The four ‘great cuisines of Europe – French, Italian, Russian and Turkish’ were in deep crisis at the turn of the millennium. In September 2011 the Festival of French Gastronomy was launched to promote ‘gourmet food, produce, and expertise’. French food minister Frédéric Lefebvre said it was ‘so ubiquitous that we had forgotten to celebrate it,’ completely missing the point about the decaying aristocratic cuisines and the centralised agendas of those who objectify haute cuisine.

Sachertorte, arguably Europe’s favourite aristocratic chocolate (and apricot) cake

His remarks did not reflect well on the Culinary Inventory of France, an initiative to establish an inventory of regional produce, products and recipes, announced 19 years earlier under the auspices of the National Council for the Culinary Art – a vehicle created for the purpose. Unlike the Swiss who put their culinary inventory into an open source online database, the French decided to disseminate their inventory to the public through a series of books. At the time food minister Lefebvre made his comments, 22 of France’s 26 regions had ‘Inventaire du patrimoine culinaire de la France‘ books to their name, with Auvergne to follow in November 2011 and Centre in March 2012. Surely this prestigious collection was a celebration of France’s culinary and gastronomic arts?

Food connects us culturally to atavistic place, to sensuous people, their wonderful produce, their fabulous traditions, their creative methods of cooking and their desperate desire to celebrate their culinary arts. This was the idea behind a cooking academy, the Compagnia del Paiolo (Company of the Cauldron), established in Florence in 1512.

Founded by Giovan Francesco Rustici, the motto of the company was l’arte si fa a cena (the art of dining), which sought culture and conviviality, good taste and simplicity, frankness and friendliness. Rustici was a painter and sculptor, friend of Andrea del Sarto and Leonardo de Vinci and cousin to Cardinal Giulio de’ Medici (later Pope Clement), who commissioned from him a bronze Mercury for the fountain in the courtyard and garden of Palazzo Medici. At small banquets the members of the company, which included the imaginative gastronome del Sarto, had an obligation to bring a dinner of their own invention and if two had had the same thought they were sentenced to a penalty.

By the mid-1600s, with Catherine de’ Medici ensconced in Paris as crown consort then regent, this new attitude to food became an aristocratic obsession. It spread through the courts of Europe like a fad. The Tuscan and Venetian styles, among others from the Italian peninsula and islands, penetrated the French court with chefs, confectioners and pâtissiers trained in the emerging classical manner.

The de’ Medicis – Catherine and fifty years later Maria, Queen to Henri the fourth – are believed to have been the instigators, following the sentiments of Pope Clement. He would have luxuriated in the extravagances taken at the grand banquet for Maria’s wedding, where the cornucopia of flavours and architectural displays of food epitomised the Tuscan attitude to food.

Within five generations a dominant aristocratic paradigm was created, the chefs and cooks of the aristocracy bringing exquisite care and infinite attention to detail in the preparation of gourmet food.

French historian Denis Diderot announced the success of this grand cuisine in the mid-1700s. ‘Cookery, a simple matter in the early stages of the world, is now a most difficult study or science.’

Smoked Pork Collar with Broad Beans — one of Europe’s popular traditional dishes

Despite indifference from many, Prosper Montagné produced his Larousse Gastronomique encyclopaedia in the 1900s to establish the hegemony of haute cuisine with its classical range of recipes.

Whether this high style of cooking was to the detriment of a ubiquitous peasant tradition has always been debated, not least by the likes of Capatti and Montanari. The foods of the provinces of Europe’s coastal, forest, mountain, river valley and steppe regions remained rustic, traditional and separate. While the sophisticated futurists in Florence ate their meat with a dolceforte (strong sweet) sauce flavoured with expensive chocolate, the plain people of the Tuscan hills delighted in their castagnaccio, a humble chocolate-coloured cake made with flour ground from plentiful chestnuts.

A wind of change, like the Provençal mistral, is now sweeping through European cookery. For the first time in five centuries the traditional food of the peripheries is ascending the high ground, and becoming established – as it should be. This is not a surprise. Ever since English writer Elizabeth David produced her book of Mediterranean recipes and followed it with books on French and Italian provincial cooking in the 1950s, and food scientists began to study the health of southern European communities, the traditional food of the continent has attracted the enquiring eyes of clever chefs who believed her when she claimed it was always about ‘local ingredients and traditional methods’ and separate from haute cuisine.

With its emphasis on fresh produce, primarily fish and fowl, vegetables, legumes, oil, salads, herbs, seeds, nuts, roots, grains, berries and fruit and wild plants, on dried and cured meats, on fermented foods, on ancient methods of bread making, on old style confectionary and pastry concoctions, traditional food has become the new event – because it is authentic and sustainable – and it is not a difficult art-form. There is no ostentatious method and no elaborate display – it is food plain and simple.

From the dairy slopes of Iceland to the seafood streets of Turkey, from the wild berry forests of Latvia to the olive groves of Sicily, traditional food is being used to attract travellers and visitors. It is being celebrated by seasonal festivals, weekly markets and daily promotions, in the regular functions of cafes, kiosks and stalls, and by the growing number of travellers seeking new culinary experiences. The snack foods and show foods of Europe’s street markets, back streets and alleyways are realistic and rustic compared to the glitter and gold of the gourmet restaurants.

Traditional food filters into our subconscious because it brings together people and place, memory and time. The farmer and fisher, the artisan and specialist, the baker and chef, the confectioner, the bread, cake and pastry cook – each brings a flavour of their expertise and knowledge.

This book is about the importance of authentic ingredients and those curious similarities when foods connect, and not always because there is a climatic, geographical or historical reason. Sometimes people come to the same conclusions about the indigenous food that is available to them.

Italian traditional food features heavily in this book. This is because Italy has taken its influences from the far-flung reaches of Europe. Its food is characterised by its ancient relationships with countless peoples and by its diverse climate – from the snows of the alps in the north to the grassy slopes of its central hills to the sands of the sun-splashed coasts in the south.

This has given Italian food its greatest strength, the regional variety that produces grain and meat products in the north, citrus fruit, olive oil and tomato products in the south, and cheese and dairy products the length of the peninsula.

Lofoten Air-dried cod – the raw ingredient for baccalà © Norwegian Seafood Council

Look at baccalà. It defines European culinary diversity. The food cultures of Veneto, Liguria, Campania, Calabria, Sicily, the Basque Country, Galicia and Provence have been shaped by this delicious dish made with the air-dried cod from the Lofoten Islands in the far north of the European continent or with salt-cured cod from the Iberian peninsula.

The marriage of cod and olive oil is, in the sentiments of the Dogale Confraternita del Baccalà Mantecato, not just food. ‘It is history, religion, adventure, secrets handed down from cook to cook, from mother to daughter: the pleasure of the palate, mind, heart.’

‘… questa è la cucina di Venezia: un crogiolo sempre acceso che filtra, accoglie, unifica e presenta in tavola piatti di straordinaria bontà, nel segno inconfondibile della propria antica cultura e d’una civiltà che si proietta ancora giovane e viva nel nuovo millennio …’

‘… this is the cuisine of Venice: a crucible that filters, unifies and presents dishes of extraordinary goodness on the table, in the unmistakable sign of its ancient culture and of a civilization that still projects itself young and alive in the new millennium … ‘

All of Europe is a melting pot, an extraordinary expression of food cultures moving onwards into a new millennium with a sense of optimistic expectation. The peoples of Sicily, Tuscany and Venice understand this but they are joined by the peoples of other regions, each bringing their past into the future in the luggage containing their artistic and culinary memories, who know why traditional food defines all that is beautiful in the world.

The Traditional Tastes of Europe series is an introduction, nothing more. The real experience starts as a journey and ends in revelation!


30 sections for 375 recipes

Breakfasts Story (15 recipes)

ANDALUSIAN BREAKAST featuring Croquetas del Puchero croquettes
CZECH BREAKFAST featuring Topinky se Sýrem a Vejci toast with cheese, eggs
ENGLISH BREAKFAST featuring Huffa filled breakfast roll
EUROPEAN BREAKFAST featuring the breakfast bread roll
FRENCH BREAKFAST featuring Rillettes de Maquereau Fumé smoked mackerel shreds
ITALIAN BREAKFAST featuring Crostini di Polenta fried or grilled cornmeal and Crostini Filanti alle Alici toasted cheese streamers with anchovies
MEDITERRANEAN BREAKFAST featuring Ntomatokeftédes Ντοματοκεφτέδες GREECE tomato burgers, Mesne Okruglice s Umakom CROATIA meatballs with sauce and Talattouri Ταλατούρι CYPRUS yoghurt, cucumber, mint dip
NORWEGIAN BREAKFAST featuring Lefse potato cakes
RUSSIAN AND UKRAINIAN BREAKFAST featuring Blinchiki блинчики pancakes
TURKISH BREAKFAST featuring Sokak Simit sesame seed bread rings Hamsi Kızartma crispy anchovies with lemon juice and Paçanga Böreği pastırma, cheese pastries

Soups Story (12)

Bergensk Fiskesuppe NORWAY Bergen soup
Bouneschlupp LUXEMBOURG bean soup
Bramborová Polévka CZECHIA potato soup
Cullen Skink SCOTLAND smoked haddock, potato soup
Grochówka POLAND pea, sausage soup
Kotósoupa Avgolémono Κοτόσουπα Αυγολέμονο GREECE chicken, rice in egg-lemon soup
Mercimek Çorbasi TURKEY lentil soup
Sopa de Camarão PORTUGAL prawn soup
Spas ARMENIA yoghurt soup
Vrzotovka (Ohrovtova Mineštra) SLOVENIA kale, potato soup
Yaini CAUCASUS meat, vegetable soup
Żurek POLAND sour soup

Eggs Story (12)

Bougátsa Μπουγάτσα GREECE cheese custard pie
Flamiche / Flamique BELGIUM FRANCE cheese custard tart
Gefüllte Kartoffeln mit Ei und Käse GERMANY baked potato with egg, cheese
Kerkyraïkí Giaourtópita Κερκυραϊκή Γιαουρτόπιτα GREECE yoghurt pie
Mesos Vyniotinis su Kiaušiniais LITHUANIA meat roll with hard-boiled eggs
Mish Qengji të Grirë e Vezë KOSOVO minced lamb with eggs
Oeufs à la Pipérade PAYS BASQUE / BASQUE COUNTRY sweet peppers with eggs including Turkish version
Pohane Bučke SLOVENIA fried courgette slices
Qofte me Oriz-Qifqi ALBANIA egg, rice balls
Stracciatella alla Romana ITALY cheese, egg threads in soup
Truita de Patata i Ceba CATALONIA SPAIN potato omelette
Yaitsa Farshirovannye Яйца Фаршированные RUSSIA devilled eggs

Snacks Story (19)

Bitterballen NETHERLANDS beef croquettes
Burgonyás Lángos HUNGARY fried potato flatbread
Calentita / La Farinata de Ceci / L‘oro di Pisa / Panelle GIBRALTAR ITALY x 2 chickpea fritters
Cevizli İncir Dolması / Syka Xerá me Karydia ξηρά Σύκα με Καρύδια GREECE CRETE TURKEY dried figs stuffed with walnuts
Dolmades / Dolması / Koupepia Κουπέπια EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN stuffed vine leaves
Holländische Frikandel NETHERLANDS Dutch minced meat sausages
Keftédes Κεφτεδάκια CYPRUS meatballs
Kepenėlių Pašteto Vyniotinis LITHUANIA liver paste roll
Lalángia Messinías Λαλάγγια Μεσσηνίας GREECE olive ribbons
Liptauer AUSTRIA aromatic butter, cheese spread
Mitraillette BELGIUM chips, meat in bread roll
Pa amb Tomàquet ANDORRA CATALONIA tomato on toast
Pastéis de Belém / Pastéis de Nata PORTUGAL custard tarts
R’zules FRANCE savoury and sweet pastries
Speķa Pīrāgi LATVIA bread rolls stuffed with bacon, chicken, onion

Breads Story (12)

Baslerbrot SWITZERLAND Basel bread
Cebularz Lubelski POLAND onion, poppy seed topped flatbread
Eksi Hamur Ekmekleri / Vakfıkebir Ekmeği TURKEY sourdough breads
Handkaisersemmel AUSTRIA hand-made small bread rolls
Khleb Chorny BELARUS black bread
Kmecki Kruh SLOVENIA farm bread
Pan de Hamburguesa SPAIN hamburger bread rolls
Panini all’olio ITALY olive oil breads
Riestainiai bagels LITHUANIA donut breads
Schwäbische Knauzen GERMANY Swabian knaves

Legumes Story (12)

Bean Jar CHANNEL ISLANDS beans, meat cooked in a jar
Bigilla MALTA spicy bean pâté
Botifarra amb Mongetes CATALONIA SPAIN beans, sausages
Chorba / Ciorbă / Çorba / Fasulye ve Sebze Çorbası EUROPE bean, vegetable soup
Fagioli all’uccelletto Toscano ITALY Tuscan beans with tomato sauce, bird-style
Gule Aerter / Ärtsoppa DENMARK SWEDEN pea soup
Lobio GEORGIA beans in garlic-walnut sauce
Habas con Jamón SPAIN beans with ham
Houmous / Hummus Χουμους CYPRUS GREECE TURKEY chickpea purée
Pasta ai Fagioli e Pancetta ITALY pasta with beans, bacon
Tavče Gravče NORTH MACEDONIA baked beans
Topik ARMENIA chickpea, potato patties stuffed with caramelized onions

Salads Story (13)

Acılı Ezme Salatası TURKEY spicy tomato salad
Amanida Catalana CATALONIA Catalan salad
Çerkez Salatası TURKEY Circassian salad–green beans, tarator sauce
Caponata ITALY sour-sweet vegetable salad with squid rings
Insalata di Radicchio e Finocchio ITALY chicory, fennel salad
Kartoffelsalat GERMANY potato salad
Kilusalat ESTONIA sprat, potato, onion salad
Peedi Salat koos Jogurti ESTONIA beetroot salad
Salat iz Baklazhanov, Pomidorov i Pertsa Салат із Баклажанів, Помідорів та Перцю RUSSIA UKRAINE aubergine, tomato, pepper salad
Saláta me Andraklí kai Maïntanó Σάλτσα Ανδρακλή και μαϊντανό GREECE (CRETE) purslane, parsley salad
Sienisalaatti FINLAND mushroom salad
Spelt Berry Salad IRELAND

Fishes Story (15)

Balık Pilaki TURKEY baked fish
Bastiaise Sardines farcies au Brocciu FRANCE (CORSICA) Bastia sardines stuffed with cheese
Breca a Las Uvas SPAIN pandora / sea bream with grapes
Coquilles à la Provençale FRANCE Provence scallops
F’rell am Rèisleck LUXEMBOURG trout in Riesling sauce
Gamas com Piri-Piri PORTUGAL prawns with pimento
Gratin de Fruits de Mer MONACO seafood gratin
Hobotnica Ispod Peke CROATIA slow-cooked octopus
Jegulju na Orizu MONTENEGRO roasted eels on rice
Mackerel and Potatoes IRELAND
Scampi Fritti ITALY EUROPE battered prawns
Soðin Ýsa ICELAND poached haddock
Ukha Уха RUSSIA fresh fish in fish, vegetable stock
Zakuski Moreproduktiv Закуски Mорепродуктів RUSSIA seafood buffet / platter

Meats Story (14)

Dalmatinske Pašticada CROATIA MONTENEGRO sweet pot beef with Gnocchi di Patate ITALY potato dumplings
Fegato alla Triestina ITALY Trieste beef liver in onion, tomato sauce
Fegato di Vitello alla Veneziano ITALY Venice veal liver in onion sauce
Hasselback Svinefilet med Bacon og Ost NORWAY hasselback pork fillet with bacon, cheese
Judd mad Gaardebounen LUXEMBOURG smoked pork collar with broad bean sauce
Kebapcheta / kebabs BULGARIA spiced minced meat rissoles
Khorovats / Mtsvadi / Shashlyk / Šašlykai Шашлык ARMENIA, GEORGIA, LITHUANIA, RUSSIA, UKRAINE TURKEY marinated lamb, beef, pork spit-roasted
Kostica MOLDOVA barbecued juicy pork on the bone
Paletilla de Cordero Confitada ANDORRA CATALONIA SPAIN slow cooked lamb with crispy vegetables
Rillettes de Tours FRANCE rendered pork shreds
Tabrizi Kufta AZERBAIJAN meat loaf
Welsh Lamb WALES aromatic lamb slices

Birds and Beasts Story (10)

Antepfıstıklı Tavuk TURKEY chicken with pistachios
Civet de Jabali ANDORRA CATALONIA SPAIN wild boar stew
Dodine de Canard FRANCE stuffed duck
East Anglian Rabbit Casserole ENGLAND
Gjel Deti me Përshesh ALBANIA turkey cock with bread mash
Pečená Kachní Prsa CZECHIA roast duck breasts
Rehragout AUSTRIA venison stew
Rehrückenfilet GERMANY venison fillet
Salmis de Perdreau de Beauce aux Girolles FRANCE partridge, potato, chanterelle
Terrine de Gibier FRANCE game terrine

Pasta Story (14)

Älplermagronen Klassiker LIECHTENSTEIN SWITZERLAND alpine pasta
Bigoli ITALY hand-made long pasta
Cappelletti in Brodo SAN MARINO small savoury parcels in beef broth
Idrijski Žlikrofi SLOVENIA potato filled pasta
Knöpfle / Spätzle GERMANY spelt noodles
Pasta Bake – Imqarrun il-forn MALTA
Pasta Bake – Makaronia Tou Fournou CYPRUS
Pasta Bake – Pastitsio GREECE CYPRUS
Pasta Bake – Timballo di Maccheroni ITALY MALTA SICILY
Pel’meni Пельмени BELARUS MOLDOVA RUSSIA UKRAINE boiled / steamed stuffed dough
Pilaf GREECE TURKEY rice, orzo with chickpeas
Rosto GIBRALTAR pasta with meat, vegetables in tomato sauce
Spaghetti alla Carbonara ITALY USA pasta with egg, bacon, cheese

Grains Story (12)

Aş Çorbasi TURKEY einkorn soup
Bündner Bohne und Gerstensuppe SWITZERLAND bean, barley soup
Crozets au Sarrasin au Fromage FRANCE buckwheat pasta squares with cheese
Dinkelbrot mit Mehrsaat SWITZERLAND multi-seed spelt bread
Icli Köfte TURKEY bulgur meatballs
Meyhane Pilavı TURKEY bulgur pilaf
Ninda Purpura TURKEY MESOPOTAMIA Hittite, Babylon, Sumer honey breads
Scottish Shortbread SCOTLAND EUROPE shortcake
Solodukha CAUCASUS RUSSIA malted porridge
Tarhana / Tarkhana / Trahanas ARMENIA CYPRUS GREECE TURKEY EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN cereal-vegetable-milk-yoghurt powder
Tarhana Çorbasi TURKEY tarhana soup
Walnussbrot / Gerstel Leaven SWITZERLAND rye walnut bread

Rice Story (10+9)

Arroz al Horno SPAIN baked rice
Atzém Piláfi GREECE rice with lamb
Kestaneli Pilav TURKEY rice with chestnuts
Halep Dolması TURKEY stuffed dried aubergines, Gaziantep style
Paella de Arroz con Garbanzos SPAIN rice with chicken, chickpea
Paella del Delta de l’Ebre SPAIN saffron rice, chicken, mussel, prawn, rabbit, squid
Shirin Plov AZERBAIJAN EUROPE sweet rice pilaf
Xocalı as Qarası AZERBAIJAN Khojali lamb rice
Risotto in Bianco ITALY white rice
Other Risotto ITALY

Fruits Story (13)

Apfel, Rhabarber und Ingwer Streusel GERMANY apple, rhubarb, ginger crumble
Bizcocho Tarta de Naranja SPAIN orange cake
Jablková Žemlovka CZECHIA / SLOVAKIA apple pie
Barquettes aux Fruits FRANCE fruit boats
Birnenweggen SWITZERLAND pear wedges
Brac de Gitano de Albercoc ANDORRA CATALONIA apricot roll
Cugnà ITALY fruit sauce
Farçon FRANCE puréed potatoes with fruit, eggs, herbs, spices
Limonlu Pelte TURKEY lemon pudding
Puolukkaliemi FINLAND berry cream
Scorzette Candito Limone SICILY candied lemon
The Speckled Bread Conundrum — Báirín Breac IRELAND fruit brack
The Speckled Bread Conundrum — Bara Brith WALES fruit brack

Nuts Story (12)

Azure ARMENIA TURKEY Noah’s pudding with dried fruit, nuts
Bára Dimitriakón Μπάρα δημητριακών GREECE cereal bars
Baldino / Castagnaccio ITALY chestnut cake
Garash BULGARIA sweet walnut cake
Kataïfi GREECE nut pastries
Nusstorte AUSTRIA GERMANY HUNGARY SWITZERLAND nut cake with apricot
Malidjano / Malidzan NORTH MACEDONIA BALKANS aubergine with cheese, walnuts
Palets aux Noix FRANCE hazelnut fingers
Pähkinäkakku FINLAND nut cake
Pepparkakor SWEDEN gingersnap honey biscuits
Tiroler Schmarrn AUSTRIA torn sweet pancake

Vegetables Story (13)

Aloo Saag BRITAIN INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT EUROPE potato, spinach curry
Botvigna / Botvinja / Botvinnik Ботвинья / Ботвинник BELARUS BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA RUSSIA beet soup
Brændende Kærlighed DENMARK Burning Love! – potato mash with bacon, onions, herbs and local specialities
Bulviniai Paplotėliai su Brokoliais LITHUANIA potato, broccoli cakes
Colcannon IRELAND kale, potato mash
Piperópita Pilíou Πιπερόπιτα Πηλίου GREECE Pelion pepper pie
Piselli al Guanciale ITALY peas with cured pork cheek
Kapusta z Jabłkami POLAND apple with cabbage
Patta Gobhi aur Gajar INDIA EUROPE cabbage, carrot, coriander
Rösti Ursprünglich SWITZERLAND original pan-fried potatoes
Spinatknödel / Bärlauchknödel AUSTRIA GERMANY spinach dumplings / wild garlic dumplings
Stoemp BELGIUM LUXEMBOURG NETHERLANDS mashed potatoes, vegetables, nutmeg
Trinxat ANDORRA BASQUE CATALONIA bacon, cabbage, potato

Oils Story (11)

Anjovislåda aka Jansson’s Frestelse SWEDEN SCANDINAVIA potato sprat gratin
Baccalà Mantecato ITALY beaten stockfish
Broccogli ITALY broccoli with garlic, olive oil
Eliópsomo Pilíou Ελιόψωμο Πηλίου GREECE Pelion olive bread
Gazpachuelo SPAIN olive oil ‘soaked bread’ soup
Genoa Pesto ITALY basil paste
Orecchiette alle Cime di Rapa ITALY pasta with turnip tops
Skordalia Σκορδαλιά GREECE almond / walnut, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, potato purée
Tapénade FRANCE anchovy, caper olive oil paste
Zeytinyağlı Pırasa TURKEY leeks cooked with olive oil
Zeytinyağlı Taze Fasulye TURKEY fresh green beans cooked in olive oil

Condiments Story (16)

Anchoiade FRANCE raw vegetables in anchovy sauce
Bagna Cauda ITALY anchovy sauce
Fava TURKEY fava bean paste
Hibes TURKEY tahini, cumin paste
Jollof WEST AFRICA EUROPE spicy tomato paste
Közlemiş Kırmızı Biberr TURKEY roasted red peppers
Marmellata di Cipolla di Tropea ITALY red onion marmalade
Pissala / Pissalat FRANCE anchovy sauce
Polędwiczki Wieprzowe nadziewane Przyprawą Kalafiorową POLAND pork tenderloin stuffed with cauliflower condiment
Baharat LEBANON EUROPE spice mixture for kibbeh
Baharat TURKEY EUROPE spice mixture for meatballs, sausages and other preparations
Bratkartoffelgewürz GERMANY fried potato spice mixture
Garam Masala INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT EUROPE hot spice mixture
Ras El Hanout MOROCCO EUROPE spice mixture
Speculaas / Spekulatius GERMANY NETHERLANDS gingerbread spice mixture

Herbs and Spices Story (11)

Abkhazura GEORGIA spicy meatballs
Bigos POLAND meat, mushroom, cabbage, sauerkraut, sausage stew / hunter’s stew
Chicken Tikka Masala EUROPE spiced chicken in yoghurt
Hvonn FAROE ISLANDS angelica
Korvapuustit FINLAND SWEDEN cinnamon bread
Kräuterbrötchen GERMANY herb bread rolls
Kruidnootjes NETHERLANDS spice nuts
Lussekatter SWEDEN Lucia’s cats
Ofnbakað Lambalæri ICELAND roast leg of lamb
Sivēna Galerts LATVIA suckling pork in aspic
Stollen AUSTRIA GERMANY SWITZERLAND spiced fruit bread

Stocks Story (12)

Aromatic Beef Stock
Aromatic Chicken Stock

Aromatic Fish Stock
Aromatic Game Stock
Aromatic Stock for Meat Broth
Aromatic Veal Stock
Aromatic Vegetable Stock
Beef Stock for Beef Broth
Beef Stock for Jollof
Chicken Jelly
Pork Jelly
Shellfish Stock

Stews Story (12)

Bogracsgulyas HUNGARY kettle stew
Carbonnades Flamandes / Stoofvlees op Vlaamse Wijze BELGIUM FRANCE LUXEMBOURG NETHERLANDS beef, beer stew
Chervonyy Borsch UKRAINE red stew
Cocido SPAIN chickpea, meat, vegetable casserole
Eintopf mit Würstchen GERMANY pot-stew with sausages
Fasolaki Yiahni θασολακι γιαχνί CYPRUS bean stew with feta cheese
Kalbsrahmgulasch mit Sauerrahmspätzle LIECHTENSTEIN creamy veal stew with sour cream dumplings
Marmitako BASQUE SPAIN fish stew
Mish me Jahni ALBANIA KOSOVO meat stew with onions, paprika
Ostropel de Rață cu Mămăligă MOLDOVA ROMANIA duck stew with polenta
Ribarski Brodet CROATIA prawns, squid, white fish stew, beans, lemon juice
Touffâye BELGIUM fricassee / fricot / stew

Sauces Story (13)

Alt-Art Zwiebelsauce SWITZERLAND old-style onion sauce
Áspri Sáltsa GREECE cheese sauce
Çervish ALBANIA apple, garlic sauce (and mash)
Champignonrahmsauce Fricot Art SWITZERLAND mushroom sauce Fricot style
Dolceforte ITALY chocolate sauce
Kapernsauce AUSTRIA GERMANY caper sauce
Ladolémono GREECE lemon sauce
Meerrettich Remoulade GERMANY horseradish tartar sauce
Roberto‘s Mother‘s Ragù ITALY meat sauce
Salsa de Almendras SPAIN almond sauce
Satsivi GEORGIA walnut sauce

Cakes Story (10)

Alajú / Alfajor de Medina Sidonia SPAIN spiced honey cakes
Boterkoek NETHERLANDS butter cake
Cake au Gingembre FRANCE ENGLAND ginger cake
Cozonac ROMANIA bread cake with raisins / walnuts
Fyrstekake NORWAY prince cake
Hurmašice BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA syrup cakes
Koffiekooken / Koffiekoeken BELGIUM NETHERLANDS chocolate coffee cake
Makowiec POLAND poppy seed cake
Roberto‘s Mother‘s Torta Riso ITALY rice cake
Sernik Tradycyjny POLAND traditional cheese cake

Pies Story (13)

Böregi TURKEY pies x 4
Byrek me Spinaq / Pita Zeljanica ALBANIA BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA KOSOVO cheese, spinach pies
Cornish Pasty ENGLAND beef, vegetable pastry
Kainuun Rönttönen FINLAND lingonberry-potato rye pie
Kurnik s Kuritsey i Kartoshkoy RUSSIA chicken, potato pie
Pâté Vaudois SWITZERLAND Vaud meat pies
Pisía Pontiaká Πισία Ποντιακά GREECE potato pies
Platsindy MOLDOVA filled pies
Räim Pirukad ESTONIA herring pies

Sandwiches Story (10)

Balık Ekmek TURKEY fish sandwich
Fischbrötchen GERMANY fish sandwich
Bookies Sandwich ENGLAND IRELAND steak sandwich
Croque-Monsieur FRANCE SWITZERLAND toasted cheese, ham sandwich
Focaccia Panino / Focaccia Farcite ITALY filled flatbread
Halver Hahn GERMANY rye sandwich with cheese
Smørrebrød Flæskesteg med Rødkål DENMARK roast pork with crispy crackling, red cabbage
Smørrebrød Leverpostejmad DENMARK rye bread, liver pâté, cucumber, fried bacon, fried onions, lemon, lettuce, mushrooms, pickled beetroot, pickled gherkins, red pepper, salted meat, savoury jelly
Smørrebrød Sol over Gudhjem DENMARK rye bread, two smoked herrings, chives, radish, fresh raw egg yolk
Smørrebrød Stjerneskud DENMARK shooting star

Pastries Story (10)

Altweiner Apfelstrudel AUSTRIA old-style apple pastry
Barbajuan Toulon / Monegasque Barbagiuan FRANCE MONACO vegetable pastries
Banitsa BULGARIA cheese, egg, yoghurt filo spiral pie
Bratislavský Rožok / Mohnbeugel / Nussbeugel / Pressburger Kipfel / Pozsonyi Kifli AUSTRIA SLOVAKIA nut-filled pastry / poppy seed-filled pastry
Chräpfli / Chräpflini / Kräpfli / Fasnachtsküchlein / Fasnachtschüechli AUSTRIA GERMANY LIECHTENSTEIN SWITZERLAND carnival pastries
Gaziantep Baklava TURKEY Gaziantep filo pastry with pistachios
Kada ქადას GEORGIA flaky pastry
Karjalanpiirakka FINLAND barley / rice / potato pastry
Prekmurska Gibanica SLOVENIA Prekmurje layered pastry
Samosas EUROPE INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT spicy pastries

Desserts Story (12)

Apfelknödel AUSTRIA GERMANY apple dumplings
Beignets de Pommes BELGIUM FRANCE battered apple rings
Brunsli SWITZERLAND almond, chocolate biscuits / brownies
Cantuccini ITALY almond / chocolate / pistachio biscuits
Crêpes à la Provençale FRANCE thin pancakes with cheese, candied fruit, nuts
Debessmanna LATVIA cranberry mousse
Gaufres avec Pomme et de Poire Sirop BELGIUM waffles with apple-pear sauce
Hasude me Arra ALBANIA nut dessert
Petulla ALBANIA fried dough balls / pancakes
Pyshki Piterskiye Пышки Питерские RUSSIA St Petersburg ‘donuts’
Quetschentaart LUXEMBOURG damson tart
Zuppa di Ciliegie SAN MARINO cherry dessert soup

Chocolates Story (10)

Bicerin / Café Kaunas ITALY LITHUANIA coffee, chocolate drink
Biscotti di Castagne ITALY chocolate chesnut biscuits
Boule Meringuée au Chocolat FRANCE GERMANY SWITZERLAND chocolate marshmallows
Moelleux au Chocolat SWITZERLAND chocolate layer cakes
Mousse au Chocolat / al Cioccolato
Profiteroles au Chocolat AUSTRIA BELGIUM FRANCE GERMANY SWITZERLAND profiteroles with chocolate mousse
Schokoküsse AUSTRIA GERMANY SWITZERLAND chocolate kiss
Shokoladnyye Pryaniki Шоколадные Пряники RUSSIA chocolate gingerbreads
Sokolades Torte LATVIA chocolate, cranberry cake
Stracciatella ITALY chocolate flaked ice cream

Sweets Story (10)

Amaretti ITALY SICILY macaroons
Baci di Dama ITALY “lady’s kisses” – chocolate, hazelnut sweets
Boterbabbelaars NETHERLANDS butter babblers
Carbón Dulce de Reyes SPAIN “sweet coal of kings” black sugar sweets
Halvás me Simigdáli χαλβά με σιμιγδάλι GREECE semolina halva
Kiefterka κιεφτέρκα CYPRUS grape juice sweets
Pastéli / Pastél Anógaras Παστέλι Ανώγυρας CYPRUS GREECE sesame-honey pastels
Tartufi di Cioccolato ITALY chocolate truffles
Tocinos de Cielo de Guadix SPAIN “little pigs from heaven” chocolate sweets
Yellow Man IRELAND sugar-syrup yellow candy

Cheeses Story (12)

Chicons au Gratin BELGIUM FRANCE chicory in cheese sauce
Clafoutis de Fromage aux Fruit FRANCE cake with cheese, fruit
Gratin de Chou-Fleur aux Lardons et Fromage Aromatique FRANCE cauliflower, bacon with aromatic cheese sauce
Flûtes au Fromage SWITZERLAND cheese sticks
Frico con Patatee Cipolla ITALY fried cheese with potatoes, onions
Gommer Cholera SWITZERLAND apple, cheese, pear, potato pie
Khachapuri GEORGIA cheese bread
La Poêlée Montagnarde FRANCE the mountain fry
Mămăliguţă cu Brânză şi Smântână ROMANIA cornmeal, bacon, cheese, cream
Patatnik BULGARIA potato, cheese, egg pie
Placinte cu Brânza MOLDOVA ROMANIA curd cheese pies
Shapkat ALBANIA cornmeal, cheese, leek / spinach pie

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