ESTONIA — Five Traditional Dishes

Estonia has always been defined by its indigenous food culture, so much that today it celebrates this fact with a strong emphasis on traditional ingredients. Sprats and herring from the Baltic are still popular. Root vegetables, especially beet, have not lost their allure. And despite outside influences the homemade blood sausage remains sacroscant. It is a work of art, unlike any other blood sausage in Europe, and easily made in the home made with bay leaf, barley, belly pork, garlic, marjoram, onions, pig’s blood, pork, spices.

Kilusalat — sprat, potato and onion salad
Isetehtud Verivorstid — homemade blood sausage
Peedi Salat koos Jogurti — beetroot salad with yoghurt
Räime Pirukas — herring pies
Räimepihvid — pan-fried herring