NETHERLANDS — Five Traditional Dishes

The ‘kapsalon’ in Spicy by Irene de Vette, a book about the ‘street of a thousand flavours’ in Rotterdam, where Dutch traditional food meets the traditional food of the world

The people of the Netherlands, more than any other in western Europe, have taken the food cultures of the world to their hearts, adapting them to their own tastes. This habits continues with the kapsalon, a fast-food assembly of everything Dutch and something a little exotic.

Spices are never that far away, especially the sweet spices, no less than nutmeg. A flavouring for stoemp, a mashed root vegetables dish that has its origins in the period before the Spanish ruled Holland and introduced the potato, nutmeg transforms this rustic dish.

However we prefer the version with kale, served with the smoked sausage of Gelderland.

We also like the snacks that started as accompaniements to beef in public houses and are now an essential fast food element – the bitterballen.

Bitterballen — puréed beef balls
Boerenkoolstamppot met Rookworst — kale and potato mash with smoked sausage
Kapsalon — chips, Gouda cheese, salad, sauce, shoarma meat
Kruidnootjes / Speculaas — spice balls / biscuits
Poffertjes — cheese / fruit buns